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Basic Principles
Through the promotion of sports and the sound development of people,the Japan Sport Council strives to realize healthy and abundant lives,thus contributing to fair and vibrant societies and to a world full of peace and friendship.

Raise the Future with the Power of Sport


The Japan Sport Council's vision is expressed in the Corporate Message.
We proclaim this message with the thought as stated below.

We see the "Power of Sport" as:
-The mental and physical strength that people gain by playing and getting involved in sports.
-The power of dreams, administration, and inspiration that all top athletes stir in our hearts.
-The power of children to challenge towards tomorrow, nurtured through a safe school life.

These strengths help us to foster a future filled with unlimited possibilities.  Through the "Power of Sport", we will realize a Japan full of vitality, emotion and power for tomorrow, and we will foster the unlimited future together with Japanese citizens.


The International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) is a not-for-profit, international organisation with the mission of leading and supporting the development of sport coaching globally.


The ICCE has established a central Global Coaching Office at Leeds Beckett University in 2011 which is now the hub of its global and European activities.


The International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) was established on 24th September 1997 by delegates representing 15 countries, during the second International Coach Education Summit at the Wingate Institute in Israel.

The guidelines and aims for this new organisation were first established at the 1994 meeting marking the 20th anniversary of Trainerakademie, Germany; and at the inaugural summit in Leeds, organised by the National Coaching Foundation of Great Britain in July 1995.

The ICCE has since grown to represent over 30 countries.


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